Friday, August 18, 2006

Getting Started

Friday August 18, 2006

Today I woke up and had a really good feeling about the day. After all, it is Friday. I was ready to tackle the day. My 11 year old son even asked for a collared shirt instead of the usual T-shirt this morning. My heart actually stopped for a moment and I thanked God that he had listened to my prayers. A collared shirt - YES!!!! All was well,
As I walked outside to take him to school, I thought he was leaning over to shut the door and then it happened. He was throwing up. I was in shock. He was fine when he left the house and walked the 20 steps to the car. How could this be??? No one would see the collared shirt! Not only that but he has only been in school for less than 2 wks and he has missed a bunch already. Monday he felt sick and he checked out, Tuesday he went to school. Wednesday he went in late because at football Tuesday practice Tuesday night he broke his ankle and the emergency room doesn't have crutches, go figure!. Thursday was a full day and now he is out again. Trust me when I say, he needs to be there. I'll tell you more about the cake lady later.


Trick said...

were you cooking again last night???

Cake Lady said...

Oh My Gosh!
I never thought of that. It's been weeks since I cooked and YES. I did cook last night!

Kelwhy said...

LOL! Hey there! Welcome to the blog - scene! so far so good, you'll see how addictive it is! Hope your son gets to feeling better soon!


The Guy in the Back said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Hope the son gets to feeling better and the ankle heals quickly. I can relate to broken ankles. I've broken my left one twice and the right one once.