Monday, August 28, 2006

Catching Up

August 28th, 2006

Hey everyone!
I tried to post Friday but had some technical difficulties and all that hard work just went to cyberspace hell. So, just let me briefly catch you up.

Thursday my Mom and I met Aunt J and playboy for a drink. Aunt J said she just needed to get out for a little while and had no plans to come back out. We all left at around 6:00pm. Then me and Mama met my sister Norma Jean and her 2 rug rats for dinner. Before we finished dinner Aunt J called and said that she couldn't stand it any longer, she was going out and wanted Mom and me to join her and so we did. Mom and I got downtown and waited and waited for Aunt J. I finally called her to ask where she was and she said she was waiting on a cab to pick her up. Then we waited and waited some more. I finally called her back to ask what the hold up was. She said she thought the cabbie was drunk because he got lost. NO WAY! Could it be the same driver that got lost coming to my house last night???? I went outside to wait for Aunt J to see for myself and HELL YES! What are the chances???? All you cab riders in Huntsville do not get in cab #18 with a driver named John. You might never get there.

Friday ended up a good night but it was not looking to promising. A friend of mine turned 50 and me and a bunch of other people were to meet her and her husband at a local restaurant/bar for dinner. Me and the party planner got there with balloons and children in hand only to find out that no one under 19 is allowed in a smoking restaurant. What a freaking nightmare, trying to find a restaurant to accommodate 14 people on a Saturday night. We finally did find one and I went to the bar 1st thing. As soon as I got some much needed alcohol in me, I felt better. Afterwards I got the Limo to drop me back off at the original dinner place. I met Aunt J and Playboy and whiskey dick. We were only there for about 30 minutes and decided to venture out to another bar. I drank lot's of beer, Trick would have been proud of me. Then took a cab home. Another good night with friends and beer.

Saturday I didn't do much. GI Joe called and asked if he could come to my house early so I picked him up, then me and Mom and GI Joe went shopping. I didn't buy a thing but I did a lot of window shopping for collared shirts. Later Mom and Queenie went to see Mama Mia, and me and GI Joe rented a movie and had steak out. It was a very relaxing evening. I didn't even dream anything.

Sunday was a lazy day. Me and Mom and GI Joe went to eat at the IHOP, then went back home and did a lot of nothing. I picked up Queenie and cooked dinner last night. Everyone seems in good health today. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I had all frozen food and put it in the oven. Chicken Marcela, Scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole. Everything was good except the green bean casserole, it was nasty. It came from Apple Lane Farms. I do not recommend it. Overall, it was a nice meal.

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